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Each track washes over you like an aural massage
— Nightsongs Music
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The covers album

12 hit singles spanning the decades from Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac, to Radiohead, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. All arrangements by Ms. Agresta-Copely.

..if you are looking for a cover album with class for your next dinner party, look no further
— CoverMe Songs

dream world

A classical collection of lulling rhythms and soothing melodies. Perfect for relaxation and stress relief. Composers include Granados, Satie, Fauré and Grieg with transcriptions by Ms. Agresta-Copely.




Ronzio (Hum) strikes a balance between melancholy and intensity of character.

Currently featured on 18 Spotify playlists


Onde (Waves) evokes an introspective, chill, relaxing vibe. The rippling patterns are reminiscent of waters lapping on the shores of Lake Como (or wherever your happy place is near the water!)

Releasing 8/9 on all digital platforms

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Riflessioni (Reflections) is a piece that ponders and reflects on a moment in time that is only a memory -from the simple intro that builds into a warm melodic climax and then returns to a contemplative tone.