Wedding Songs To Tell Your Love Story

Performing for a wedding at the Hudson Hotel, NYC

Performing for a wedding at the Hudson Hotel, NYC

Wedding music is like a soundtrack. Each selection might be melodic and meaningful, but together they tell your love story. Your music should be as unique as your relationship.

From the classic traditional songs and romantic tear jerkers, to epic numbers that give your entrance a grand feel, the sky's the limit! Wedding songs will set the mood for your special day and be the music that evokes happy memories for the rest of your life.

Here are some tips and advice for choosing music that will complement your wedding theme, personal style, and overall vision for your perfect day. The truth is, there’s no wrong decision in selecting the ideal music, nor do you need any musical background to make a good choice. You just need an expert to offer you help and that’s where I come in!

Having played at hundreds of weddings from small garden ceremonies to black tie affairs with 500+ guests, I’ve seen it all and gathered a lot of information from my view behind the harp. I love celebrating love in whatever form it comes in (#loveislove) and admittedly have shed a tear or two watching my clients tie the knot. 

Tip #1: Choose songs that reflect your personality and style

For smaller, more intimate events, (75 guests or less) consider choosing a light classical selection (ex. Handel: “Air” from The Water Music) or a contemplative, modern love ballad (ex. Van Morrison: “Crazy Love”). These are timeless, romantic melodies that add serene elegance to your processional.

Walking the aisle in a church or other place of worship? Think majestic, upbeat & lively (ex. Purcell: “Trumpet Tune”) or create a sweeping modern statement (ex. Christina Perri: “Thousand Years).

Tip #2: Mix & match genres from classical to contemporary
I walked down the aisle to Stevie Wonder's "You and I", Puerto Vallarta, MX

I walked down the aisle to Stevie Wonder's "You and I", Puerto Vallarta, MX

Remember to use your instinct when listening to songs with your chosen musician(s). If a selection gives you goose bumps, brings a tear to your eye, or simply makes you swoon, you’ve probably found your song!

Every couple is unique and I place importance on providing a complimentary consultation once you’ve booked me! Together we’ll look far beyond the cookie-cutter ideas and strive to design a one-of-a-kind musical landscape for your special day!